keskiviikko 18. toukokuuta 2011

at Jampe´s garage

the man himself
Panhead chopper he´s re-building for a friend. This was originally built ground up back in the 80´s almost to this stance and it was the first chopper they used for brake tests for long bikes after they came up with this law in the 90´s.

one of his rides

I went to see our brother Jampe at his place today. I love his garage, you can do so much fun in there, for example fabricating a whole motorcycle in one place. He´s got it all. Jampe is one of the nicest guys out there, always helping out a friend in need, luckily I can pay him back with some tattooing. So Fuck U mr. Tax man! Old School way of doing business. Today he made the bushings for the axel of the rear drum brake on my pan. Finally I get to ride and not to worry too much. It was a good day today. And the ride back home in the sunset, the scent of the beautiful nature of, that´s life.  Love ya bro!

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