maanantai 18. huhtikuuta 2011

sunnuntai 10. huhtikuuta 2011

Uncle Henri's ride

Uncle Henri sent a pic of his pan. What a perfect long bike! Vesku at VT Cycle helped him to build this beast and our brother Painter Jude applied some beautiful satanic art on her.

sunnuntai 3. huhtikuuta 2011

Almost there...

still some small thing to do but finally getting closer...JuhaLpr

HAND el bar JOB

I went to Turku and spent a day with my Kiiski brothers. Would've been nice to stay over night and get drunk but last weekend was too much. Anyway, we made these handlebars for my Pan.    Everybody contributed and it felt great just to be around these talented gays. Manly love at it's best. Misa would use the lathe and do the weldings, I would cut the tubing, Mane did some molding and took photos, Latin Lover gave a hand with his measuring skills. While all this was happening, our Brazilian brothers Tete and Julio were harassed by the local police officers at the Hansa Kortteli mall just cuz of their looks I assume. Well, they do have visible tattoos and ok, they might look a bit like terrorists and there happened to be some political meeting but anyway, fuck the police!
After the handlebars were done we had some chinese food at the same joint we always go when in Turku. Then to Piikkiö to let Mosse fix everything we fucked up and polish the whole thing while Karvakäsi Karvonen and Mane were making the new exhaust pipes for Mane's Pan. His bike's gonna be a killer with them pipes, the handlebars we copied for me, the sissybar, the sweet oil tank and especially Painter Jude's tin art, o'lord!
So after 10 hours of haaaard work and making two Brazilians fucking bored I finally got the handlebars I've only been dreaming of (since seeing Mane's and Misa's bikes a couple of weeks ago)
Obrigado! So happy to have friends like you!!!
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